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Don’t Be So Plastic, the new Pineapples collection that celebrates sustainability, Y2K and mermaids


Don’t Be So Plastic, the new Pineapples collection that celebrates sustainability, Y2K and mermaids

Natalia Mendoza

One of the most interesting things about Pineapples is how through every collection, they invite us to a new, colorful and fun universe, where the only rule is to be yourself. This new collection not only brings together the essence of the brand we love so much, but it’s also a new chapter.

When I interviewed Johanna, the Creative Director of Pineapples, to learn more about Don’t Be So Plastic and create this article, I felt like someone going to the aquarium for the first time and seeing the most incredible creatures.

I was able to see first-hand the process behind this collection and understand how humor was the starting point to give a message of sustainability. And of course, the funny Mean Girls references to celebrate Y2K because…how many of us grew up hearing On Wednesday we wear pink or remembering every third of October as the day that Aaron spoke to Cady? Without a doubt, these references left a mark on an entire generation, and now, years later, we can see them differently thanks to Pineapples who understands the importance of not being the plastics of our present and continuing to marvel at the treasures, mysteries and secrets the oceans keep inside. Without further ado, if you want to dive in deeper into what this collection is about, I invite you to stay and read what Johanna has to tell us:

1. What inspired you to create this collection?

For about two or three years, I’ve been thinking of making a collection inspired by the sea but not the typical one; I wanted to show the Pineapple’s sea: a fantastical sea with mythological creatures and pop references that characterize the brand….and also, to celebrate our path to sustainability. That’s why we look for more recycled and  recovered materials, and aim to convey a message of hope. That’s how Don’t Be So Plastic was born, a concept of not being the “bad” in history and helping the planet.

I believe 100% in didactic fashion, in fashion that teaches from nobility and tranquility, and this is how the collection began to take shape from three essential points:

1.Sustainability and a production process consistent with it.

2.Talking about sustainability from a different and fun point of view.

3. Telling the message from Pop Culture: Chick flicks, memes, music; that is our language. And Mean Girls with the Plastics, the “bad girls from the movie”, gave us the voice in which we wanted to talk about sustainability. An invitation not to be apathetic with what is happening.

2. Tell us about the creative process behind the collection, especially the prints, how did you come up with them?

On Instagram, I came across the talented illustrator Marcela Suarez, her style was exactly what I was looking for, so I contacted her and told her that I wanted to create mermaids that were part of the Mean Girls universe, with Pop and Y2K references like the Burn Book. And of course, it was the perfect opportunity to have no limits (how Cady would say) and create a very Pineapples mythological creature like the Mermaid Medusa. Once the prints were ready we already knew what the mood of the collection was, so we continued with the shapes, silhouettes and details.

3. Pineapples is known for the use of sustainable materials. In this collection, what materials can we appreciate?

For this collection we use materials whose composition was between 50% and 96% recycled PET bottles and there are also other fabrics made from recovered cotton or with 4% Spandex. We wanted to go further and create a much more conscious collection, so we used a lot more materials that would give us different textures and shapes and that were suitable for each design and silhouette that we were going to create.

It is a celebration of sustainability, of our Gold Sustainable Fashion Stamp for our practices, of continuing to share a message that we are passionate about continuing on our path of creating environmentally conscious garments.

4. What do you hope people will take away or feel when they see Don't Be So Plastic?

There is a quote that sums it all up: Why fit in when you can stand out? Fashion is political, fashion speaks, fashion expresses, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fantasy or fun. Pineapples from the beginning has wanted to be much more than a brand, it is a community in which we celebrate who we are and wear clothes that make us feel invincible. 

Being sustainable is a new path and we want us to learn together to have better habits and take care of our clothes while expressing our personality and tastes.

5. All the pieces are to fall in love with, but which one from this collection is the one you consider we should all have and why?

There’s a black sweater with a Medusa head embroidered on it. To me, that’s the basic that reflects Don’t Be So Plastic perfectly. But my favorite piece is the Michelin Jacket 2.0 with a Mermaid print that says Save The Mermaids. It’s  iconic and the statement of this collection.

6. ¿What would you like people to know about Don’t Be So Plastic?

This collection is the compilation of the most iconic silhouettes and the pieces that have been the most liked in Pineapples history mixed with a very “Mean Girls” sea world. So get ready for a new version of the Michelin Jacket, the Body That Loves Me and our iconic sweaters with puffy sleeves and embroideries.

7. How does Johanna Nodier identify with this collection?

In each collection there is a small part of me. Sustainability has always been a topic of interest to me, but many times I feel like it’s a heavy topic and I just wanted to create a conversation with the Pineapples community where we all have the opportunity to learn and improve. Don’t Be So Plastic is to speak from hope and not fear, to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle and don’t have fear of change, to celebrate fantasy and reality at the same time, and of course, to know that fashion is all about showing who you are without having to speak.

So my invitation is for you to go see the full collection, zoom in on each mermaid and choose the look that shouts out to the world who you are by living and celebrating sustainability.

I’m 28 years old and I've been a fashion entrepreneur blogger for five years where my main purpose is to showcase incredible local and national brands. I’m moved by my family, my friends, my cat Chanel, conscious fashion, creating an Instagram community to share my knowledge and my love for fashion. I’m a series and book marathoner, and with great pride I can tell you that I'm the new Pineapples ambassador so we will be seeing and reading with each other very often.

Thank you for reading this article and being part of #GirlsTalk, cheers for learning and growing together!

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