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Pineapples Don't Have Sleeves

If music were a dress, how would it look?; If fashion had a soundtrack, which one would it be?; If songs could communicate through fashion, how would they do it?…And we can go on and on with the questions. After playing around with a bunch of songs that we have always loved, truly focusing on how they made us feel and thinking about the relationship of fashion and music, today we will show you an article where you will see your favorite Pineapples pieces matched with songs with the same essence. Ready to give another meaning to the relationship between fashion and music?

“Fashion has been intertwined with music since we can remember…Constantly collaborating either by being mentioned in songs, having brand deals with famous singers, fashion influencing music genres, or creating memorable moments for us to remember”. 

Who can forget about Madonna’s presentation at the VMA singing Vogue while dressed as Marie Antoinette, Lady Gaga with her infamous meat dress or Britney Spears dressed as a bride to eventually kiss Madonna and Cristina Aguilera?. Moments who are part of our culture and in which clothing plays a huge part, and today we want to get deep into the subject.

What’s interesting about music is that it doesn’t only bring memories back, it can also make you imagine places, people or scenarios. Think with us, if you listen to “Somewhere over the rainbow” you might imagine yourself at the beach with your bikini on and drinking cocktails; If you listen to “Like a Virgin”, we’re sure you’re bombarded with 80’s imagery and neon colors; let’s keep going, what about Bad Bunny’s “Ella perrea sola”? You would probably want to find that special dress in which you feel sexy and go dancing by yourself; and finally, when you listen to “Do I wanna know” by the Arctic Monkeys you want to bring your skinny jeans and leather jackets. We found this game so fun, trying to figure out what each song was trying to tell us.

But it’s not only about the final product, what about the creative process of design? 

“It’s incredible to actually think about it, but we can relate a song to every single collection we have created”.

Each song probably represents the mood of the collection or what we wanted to communicate: 

  • For The Grand Pineapples Hotel, we only listened to “Enchanté” of Fergie, we truly just wanted to create a fantasy.
  • For 505, we were feeling edgy and fun, so “Do I wanna know” was the hymn of our our lives. 
  • For W.A.S.A.H (Women Are Strong As Hell), it was a “Love is a battlefield” nonstop, we just felt so empowered every time we listened to it. 

Music is a powerful tool: It can literally make us feel sad, hopeful, confident or even nostalgic. 

“If a song could represent a Pineapples piece, could you think which one and why?”

Don’t worry, we made the homework already and we’re about to present to you some of our favorite songs made by Girl Bosses: Oh yes, you can expect songs made by beautiful, strong and intelligent women who truly represent the essence of Pineapples:

Lover by Taylor SwifT

You might like or not Taylor Swift, but you have to admit it, it’s obvious why this song was nominated for “Song of the Year” at The Grammys. What a beautiful and romantic melody, it just makes you wanna dance and sing while you’re probably under the stars with lights around the trees. The perfect song to fall in love with someone or even better, with your true self. So, there is only one dress that can actually fit into this fantasy and make it better, our pink Cotton Candy Dress” is what dreams are made of, not only it looks romantic and beautiful, but it’s perfect to sing Lover with all the air of your lungs.

Hold up by Beyoncé

There is a reason why Beyoncé dedicated this song to her relationship with Jay-Z, it’s not only a self-appreciation song about respect and love, but hey, it’s a banger. When Queen B puts out a song, she means it. So, how do we feel every time we listen to it? Lights up, music on and let’s dance to a crowd in Coachella, we’re ready to dance away the pain and look damn good while we do it. So after letting our inner Beyoncé come out to play, we definitely know that we’re gonna wear our Take it or sleeve it dress”. Let’s think about its green print and deep cleavage, of course, honoring queen B. Plus it’s short, because while you’re dancing, you better show off those crazy legs.

Malamente by Rosalia

The secret is out, Rosalía is the ultimate Girl Boss and we’re obsessed with singing in Spanish. She is always giving us sportive looks, bright colors and statement pieces. Isn’t she a dream? When we listened to her music, we just wanna go edgy, we could basically make a pillow with a belt just work. So let’s get those flamenco vibes on, let’s wear those pieces that everybody will be talking about and we’ll be feeling like the most unique badass women of the century. And we just got the perfect piece that will make Rosalia proud, we’re talking about our “Abraza el caos” (embrace chaos) handkerchief, not only it has an amazing print but it’s such a versatile piece, we would probably wear it in the most unexpected ways ever, maybe as a top, on the hair or even as a belt. You need to try this at least once, you’ll never get tired of all the possibilities.

Waka Waka by Shakira

Do you know that Waka Waka literally means “do it”? 

“This is definitely our motto every time we wear our “Rainbow Dress”, so let’s celebrate who we are and dance knowing our hips don’t lie”. 

Also, there is no secret that this song is all about love, did you know Shakira met Piqué during its video shoot? It truly is a hymn for love and when we wear our Rainbow Dress” we feel just that. So let’s make those ruffles move, show off those legs for days and your skin popping up with the bright colors of the rainbow. It’s definitely a no brainer, we should probably just change the name of it to the Waka Waka dress. 

Toxic by Britney Spears

Just take a trip to memory lane with us, let’s remember the MTV playlists of 2003 and we’re sure every single one had TOXIC, one of the sexiest and coolest songs of Britney Spears. You can certainly start with this song and slowly get into the mood of “You better work, bitch”, but we’re about to surprise you, we have the perfect piece for this song. Our “Girl Boss pants” are everything this song is about: sensuality, empowered and pop. So this is the sign that you were waiting for, let’s listen to those classic pop songs and dance like we were Britney at the MTV VMA 2002 singing “I’M A SLAVE 4 U”.

Respect by Aretha Franklin

Of course we gotta have one of the most iconic singers of all time, Aretha doesn’t only had one of deepest and most beautiful voices but she was a true feminist. Let’s talk about a song that is a hymn for feminism and girl power, and of course, we can only be talking about RESPECT. First, let’s enjoy this reminder by Aretha: “You know what they say, respect first and the rest come later”. So let’s embrace the 60’s, where talking your truth was the most important thing, besides being yourself through clothing, so we definitely have to pick a piece that is not only fashionable but comes with a strong message, and we can only think of our Sisterhood hoodie”: the print talks about sorority, it has a cool silhouette and most importantly, a strong message. 

“This is by far a match made in heaven”.

These boots are made for walking by Nancy Sinatra

It’s not a coincidence that this song appears in every movie made by badass women, can you think of one? Because we can! The smash hit of Ocean’s 8, a movie about a heist made in the MET Ball by eight of the most incredible and coolest women right now. This song is about empowered women and a little reminder to everybody to not mess with them. 

“If you know this hit, let’s sing it together, if you don’t, you have to listen to it right now, you’re about to know your new favorite song”.

And if we’re talking about walking over everybody, we got the perfect shoes, oh yes, we’re talking about our Bunny Heels, the most original and one of a kind Pineapples piece.

God is a woman by Ariana Grande

If you like pop music, you definitely have at least one Ariana Grande’s song in your playlist. For us, this song is just iconic, we can’t even get over the name of it, and it only gets better when we talk about what it stands for and what it truly represents for women. So, how can we describe what this song makes us feel? A whole lot of confidence mixed with sensuality and for sure, a celebration of being bold and brave. We’re sure at some point we would probably have a collection named after this, basically to show an army of all the amazing women we already know. So let’s get to it, this song deserves the most iconic Pineapples piece in history, our “I AM EVERY WOMAN t-shirt”, it truly has the same essence of this song and come on, did you see that even Madonna talks on the song? We told you, it’s just iconic. 

I love rock’n roll by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Joan Jett is the rock icon of this list, one of the first truly female rockstars and with one of the most famous songs ever. 

“We’re definitely screaming “I love rock’n roll” every time this song comes out, aren’t you as well?”

And we’re actually getting different vibes from it, let’s leave pop on a side, this song requires edginess, coolness and definitely a statement…So we’re talking about our “Like a Virgin hoodie, it has a deep inspiration and you’ll look like a rockstar right away. Let’s bring our inner Joan Jett out and wear those leather tight pants, the coolest white sneakers you have and of course, the hoodie of a lifetime.

Man! I feel like a woman by Shania Twain

Listen, let us be clear, we’ll always be on Shania Twain’s team and no matter how old this song is, we’ll always sing it with the top of our lungs. Her songs were truly ahead of her time, let’s just remember one of the best lyrics of her: “You’re a rocket scientist, that don’t impress me much”, and then she comes out with this song that is all about being proud of who we are as women and the relationship with ourselves, basically being proud of your sexuality, your intelligence and of course, to always have fun in the way. Channel Shania and bring that sexy piece of your closet and even better if it’s Pineapples, can you imagine what we’re gonna say? Oh, we’re bringing an icon back, our French Fries Dress is everything we hope for, and what are we doing tonight? Showing our curves and enjoying ourselves.

We all have felt something for that song that makes us dream, escape or even remember. And this list has some of the most iconic Pineapples pieces ever, can you think of any other song? Maybe an Amy Winehouse classic or even Madonna’s. Let us know your opinion in the comment section, we’re dying to see which one is your favorite team of song and dress, or maybe let’s just listen to our Girl Bossplaylist on Spotify and enjoy all the biggest hits made by women. 

I want to officially introduce myself, I’m Pineapples Don’t Have Sleeves and I was born 4 years ago from the creative mind of a Colombian woman called Johanna Nodier who studied in Milan and Paris. We share our love for pineapples, wearing colors and dreaming with fantastical printed dresses. I’m a cosmopolita, yes baby, I’ve been to Milan, Bogotá, Aruba and Colombiamoda Fashion Week. I have always stood for women being whoever they want to be and breaking the rules of fashion. It’s so nice to meet you and welcome to my world!

Thank you for reading this article and being part of #GirlsTalk, cheers for learning and growing together!

Babe, let’s share, comment or discuss this article with the world!



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