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Is Sex & The City still relevant?


Is Sex & The City still relevant?

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Is it possible to talk about the best chick flicks of all time without mentioning the iconic tv show that features the life of Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha? Oh yes, it’s time to talk about the iconic late 90’s and beginning of the millenium series brought by HBO, Sex & The City. The show that told us that women could have brunch and talk unapologetically about sex, and of course, it introduced us to a group of women that went down to history: “The Traditional”, “The Independent”, “The Liberal” and “The Fashionista”. Six seasons and two movies later, we all remember those four women while they went through life, work and most important of all, love.

And if you’re a fan of the witticism of Carrie or the wild independence of Samantha, you surely have asked yourself questions like: 

How Carrie was buying designer brands all the time and paying for an apartment in New York? Or how is it possible that there were only three characters of color during the whole series?

Let’s be clear, even if we absolutely love Sex & The City, it’s far from perfect and since they announced that the famous friends will have new adventures in a HBO reboot, let’s talk about all those issues that still bother us from the series. Besides, like a table without a leg, it has also been announced that Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) won’t be part of the acclaimed tv show.

So, come with us in a trip to memory lane and let’s remember all the things that have made that after 20 years we’re still laughing by Samantha’s quotes, using Carrie as a fashion icon, remembering how incredibly feminist Miranda was or how Charlotte seemed to be out of a Disney movie.

Miranda was the real heroine

Probably the strongest critic Sex & The City has ever had is about how unrealistic it was, right? But let’s analyze every character. Miranda Hobbes truly shines with her work dedication, her need for independence and her constant struggle to be treated fairly in a man’s world. 

So no wonder why everybody thinks Miranda is the only woman of the series who could not only live in 2021, but would be the perfect example of the change women are living today.

In a few words, Miranda was ahead of her time.

Besides, how many series or movies can you mention in which the woman makes more money than the man and can have a relationship with him without his ego bothering? Actually, in so many ways, Miranda has been more inspiring than Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte.

Do you need more proof? Not only Miranda was more focused in her career, it was pretty clear she wanted her life to be much more than just a relationship with a guy and, in 2021, we’re sure that even if couple love is incredible, the relationship with yourself is so much more important.

Samantha brought the Sex to the City

We all know that the lead character of the series was Carrie Bradshaw but her best friend, Samantha Jones is one of the most beloved characters by the fans, not only because of her witty attitude, flashy wardrobe or fiercely independence, but her opinions on sex.

Let’s get back to the end of the 90’s and beginning of the millenium, if we turned on the tv, we would watch series like Friends, The Nanny and CSI, but there was no female character that was talking about sex openly.

Samantha Jones is the woman we all wanted to meet while growing up, a woman who was who she wanted to be and was not letting the traditional rules dictate her destiny. Like her famous quote says:

"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free, until they find someone just as wild to run with."

If you ask us, we all need to be a little bit like Samantha in our lives: risk takers, fun and fearless of our sexuality.

Charlotte is the perfect example of what we are and don’t want to admit

Charlotte York, Charlotte York,…a character of love and hate. On one side, we have the Charlotte that seemed to be out of a Disney movie (and let’s admit it, we have all dreamed of finding prince charming) but she’s also the friend who judges constantly and who is not that open-minded or conscious of her privileges. 

And even if we can relate to her constant search for romance, she can also be a really frustrating character who would only think about herself or judge her partners because of their money or appearance. A much more traditional vision compared to her three friends. She could also be quite sexist, to the point that it makes us wonder: 

Is it Charlotte the epitome of a woman we all internally are or is she just a spoiled princess from Park Avenue?

After 20 years, maybe Charlotte’s character is the proof of a perspective we don’t want to admit that exist, you know, the constant search for our “other half” to the point that you loose yourself…like when she forced Trey to propose to her after just one month, treated Samantha like a bitch for sleeping with her brother or judged Miranda for considering having an abortion.

Hey sweetie, but not everything is bad when it comes to Charlotte, we also have to talk about her tenacity and strength when she realizes she can’t have kids and her lioness attitude when it comes to taking care of her family and friends.

Carrie Bradshaw’s life is so unrealistic that seems out of a movie

If you have been following Pineapples for a while, you know Carrie is part of our fashion icons group along with Elle Woods, Regina George and Miranda Prestley.

Women who are born to take risks not only in love, but through their work and of course, fashion.

But Carrie Bradshaw is quite a conflicting character and in the #METOO era, we do wonder if her relationship with Mr. Big should have had a happy ending or if we were witnesses to one of the most toxic relationships in television history…we’re pretty sure we’re not alone when we think that Aidan was probably a better fit.

We can’t talk about Sex & The City, without mentioning the constant questioning that Carrie goes through the whole series and her willingness to learn. Because for the first time, someone was talking about the situations we all experience like dating the “wrong guy”, thinking what clothes to wear on a date, not wanting to date ever again or completely falling in love with a man that you know is not available. We all suffered with Carrie and saw her glowed up from writer of a column for The New York Star to a serious renowned writer.

And her style, her incredible style. Carrie Bradshaw’s style…from that white tulle skirt at the beginning of the series, her famous Manolo Blahnik shoes, her tiny baguette bags or her elegant and over-the-top dresses in Paris.

Carrie and Sex & The City taugh us that fashion is a way of expressing yourself and introduced us to four women that showed their personalities and believes through clothes, but Carrie always knew how to bring things to the next level, taking risks and having fun with every single look even if it was just taking Aidan’s dog out.

So, what’s our conclusion? This tv show is far from being perfect, but it was the beginning of many things. So, for this lockdown, buy a bottle of wine, let’s watch all seasons and remember why we keep talking about Sex & The City in 2021.

Pineapples Don't Have Sleeves

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