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"En este vestido no hay un elefante" Dress

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Ethel Gilmour, a woman and an artist known for her sarcasm and satirical humour has become one of our favorite artists and we knew that with her painting No Hay Un Elefante En Este Cuadro (There is not an elephant in this painting) as our inspiration, we needed to create a print and design that would reflect her particular style. The result is part of our collection MAMM by PINEAPPLES.
Following Ethel’s style…Let the riddle begin! Do you think this dress is made of silk or recycled PET? Though it may look like it, the product is not silk but is actually made of 96% recycled PET and 4% spandex. Its silhouette is playful and fun, something that we imagine Ethel Gilmour herself would wear with these puffed sleeves and button opening on the back. So stop by the MAMM and see the painting that inspired us to create this dress.
We’re sure that if we could ask Ethel how to wear this dress she would say with a lot of attitude and fun. As such, our advice is to take a risk to catch people’s attention and not care what they think…but our advice doesn’t end there, we have in mind some looks that you could wear with our Elephant dress: Wear it with military boots and a denim jacket to create a new style called Badass Girlboss; Some stilettos, a blazer, a cool necklace, hair up and our blue dress…and you’ll be ready to keep conquering the world; and, finally, we need a casual look option, so mix it with white sneakers and an oversized woven sweater and you’ll be the new Carrie Bradshaw of the city.
Hey, hey, hey! Don’t go, this is the most important thing we’re gonna tell you about this piece. We love to create clothing that transports you to a fantasy world but even more important, pieces that last as much as your love for yourself. As such, keep in mind these next few pieces of advice. Forget about washing machines and dryers, pretty dresses don’t belong there. You will have to wash it by hand and let it air dry, and be careful with the irons, don’t let them touch the dress directly.
Size Chest Waist Sleeves Length
S 96cm 96cm 29cm 100cm
M 98cm 98cm 30cm 100cm
L 102cm 102cm 31cm 100cm
XL 106cm 106cm 32cm 100cm
XXL 110cm 110cm 33cm 100cm
XXXL 114cm 114cm 33cm 100cm
XXXXL 118cm 118cm 33cm 100cm


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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 0.4 cm





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