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"Naciste para romper las reglas" handkerchief

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Let’s show them how it’s done!. Disobey the rules, challenge expectations and be yourself and, hey! if you don’t believe us we have the handkerchief to prove it. It’s time to take care of the crazy dreams that you let behind and start living life as you wanted. But just saying, you will always look cooler with our “Don’t be afraid, you were born to break the rules” handkerchief.
Are you familiar with your superpower already, right? Not everyone can fight relentlessly and be the Girl Boss we have been rooting for and, hey! looking chic is a good accessory too. So our 75x75cms handkerchief’s size is just perfect to remind you of your goals and to have fun in the process.
Let us guess, someone has blamed you for being too much or too different? Well, we have news for you, being yourself is the new cool. So, are you ready to explore all the freaking options we can think of? haha: Bring Coachella to your days, wear it as a bandana on your hair, neck, top or wrist, too many options to decide. Or what about a hair bun with our favorite handkerchief “Don’t be afraid, you were born to break the rules”, you’ll look so cute. Just remember to send us pictures, please.
Today is the official day of realizing that you don’t need to belong, you only belong to yourself and that’s what this handkerchief is all about. So, align your priorities and put yourself first on the list, but spend some quality time with us. If our handkerchief gets dirty, read carefully: don’t you even think of using your washing machine. This time you better do it like the old times, wash it with some cold water and by hand, do it like this and we’ll be internet friends forever.
Ancho 75cm
Largo 75cm


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