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"Sin Título" Dress

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If you don’t have a Marta Elena Vélez piece in your closet, what are you doing? Remember that name because she is not only a Colombian artist who loves to experiment with political artworks that tell the history of Colombia, but also the inspiration of our beautiful dress. Our favorite piece of MAMM by PINEAPPLES is a dress full of stories and textures that shows the elegance and versatility of her work.
This dress is like a work of art so we need to describe it in the same way. It was designed in July of 2021, it’s made completely of silk polyester, has functional buttons to make it as versatile as Marta Elena’s work, details in the sleeves to make you feel like you’re in the 1800’s, and of course, a print created from the art work “Sín título” full of camouflage textures, flowers and color.
We have been waiting for this moment forever, so let’s start the new Pineapples chapter in which we teach you how to wear a work of art correctly: First, you need the confidence to know that no matter what you wear you will look incredible; second, bring out those shoes that you love so much and never wear, because they’re the only shoes you can wear with this one of a kind dress; and, last but not least, get ready for a night where the only star is you.
At Pineapples we always say that life and fashion are more fun with no rules, but there is a golden rule that even the cool girls always follow: take care of your clothes. So take your phone and write down the following instructions: Never use the washing machine, never use the dryer and never let the iron directly touch the fabric of the dress. If you want to wash it, wash it by hand and don’t let it soak. Alternatively, you can take it to the dry cleaner for a dry wash.
Size Chest Sleeves Front Length
S 96cm 70cm 85cm
M 98cm 70cm 85cm
L 102cm 70cm 86cm
XL 106cm 70cm 87cm
XXL 110cm 70cm 89cm
XXXL 114cm 70cm 89cm
XXXXL 118cm 70cm 89cm


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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 0.4 cm





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