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The Jacket Dress

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We know we have said every piece of this collection is our favorite, but after looking at this picture, how can we help it? This piece is out of our biggest dreams and ready to be worn for cool women like you. Wear it as a jacket, or as a dress, or even both…you’ll look AMAZING!
We’ll go into all the details of the materials that make this piece so special, but first, can we talk about that incredible “A line” silhouette or about the fact that it’s a jacket and also a dress? We can’t get over it. It has a printed lining, a silk fabric, matching hoodie, long sleeves and frontal button opening.
Just imagine how the girls in Sex And The City would style this jacket for those rainy New York days…ok, ok, don’t worry, we’ll help you out. Let’s start with an iconic silhouette for Carrie: tight dress, mules obviously, small bag and our jacket over it…stop, we’re obsessed; For office days with Miranda it’s all about: A colorful pencil skirt, sneakers, a white t-shirt and a cool hat with our printed jacket; Samantha is all about looking glamorous, so: pumps, tights and a basic bodysuit under it…excuse me, who allowed you to be so iconic?; last but not least, for a classical Charlotte outfit we’re gonna focus on: those high waisted jeans that make you feel incredible, comfy shoes and a delicate silk or lace top. You know what? We have a better idea, just wear every look once, you’re gonna look straight out of “And just like that”…hello HBO, we’re waiting for her invitation!
Do you remember how Carrie used to get so upset when her shoes were dirty or ruined? Well, that’s what we want to avoid. So, put on some music and enjoy the process. First, find a delicate soap, make sure it doesn’t have toxic chemicals, and then wash our jacket dress by hand. After that, let it air dry…we want your dryer as far away as possible. And if you’re thinking of ironing it for a special occasion, just make sure the iron doesn’t touch the fabric directly, put a tissue in between.
Size Chest Sleeves Length
S 112cm 56cm 78cm
M 116cm 56cm 78cm
L 120cm 57cm 79cm
XL 124cm 57cm 79cm
XXL 128cm 58cm 80cm
XXXL 132cm 58cm 80cm
XXXXL 136cm 58cm 80cm


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Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 0,7 cm





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